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Aynsley is a Sport and Exercise Psychology Consultant and Research Director in the Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Center. She is a certified Association for Applied Sports Psychology consultant and on the USOC Registry. Aynsley and Dr. Michael Stuart co-ordinate the Ice Hockey Research Team which conducts studies on neck laceration protection, head and facial protection, skating crossovers, the science of concussion, (Ice to Axon), individual exposure time (IET) and epidemiology of hockey injuries. Aynsley wrote 'Power Play; Mental Toughness for Hockey and Beyond' and worked as a sport psychology consultant for teams at all levels of participation including world junior and the NHL. Aynsley received the USA Hockey Excellence in Safety Award in 2011, co-chaired the Minnesota Hockey Education Program (HEP) committee and helped launch Fair Play- a project she promotes.

Interest in/Connection to Hockey:

Aynsley, a daughter, wife, mother and grandmother of players, is passionate about hockey at it's best. She and Mike Stuart, MD co-chaired the Ice Hockey Summit: Action on Concussions in 2010 and host Summit II on October 7th and 8th, 2013. She collaborates with many hockey organizations to help improve the game for players.

Particular interest:

Aynsley and Debbie Colgan co-ordinated the Safety Clinic in September, 2012, and helped plan a 2nd one for September 21, 2013. She also assists and assists other RHF members in reviewing RHF hockey scholarship applications.

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