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Year joined the RHF board:



Dale works for the City of Rochester Park and Recreation Department, and has been the Director of Sports Facilities for the past six years. He oversees operations of The Rochester Recreation Center, The Graham Arena Complex, The National Volleyball Center and The UCR Sports Complex. Prior to that, he was Manager of The Rochester Recreation Center for five years.

Interest in/Connection to Hockey:

Dale's son grew up in the Rochester Youth Hockey program, and continued playing through High School. Dale's main connection to Hockey is as an Arena Manager, as he has spent 11 years overseeing Rochester Ice Arenas, and has worked with all the user groups. It is his goal to provide the best quality ice arenas for users and spectators, and to maximize the usage of these arenas.

Particular interest:

The main reason Dale serves on the Rochester Hockey Foundation Board is because, as Rochester Park and Recreation representative, his job is to give the board assistance from the City. Dale keeps the board informed of what is taking place at all the arenas. He makes sure that the Parks and Recreation department is meeting the Foundation's needs, and listening to their ideas and suggestions.

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